About Us

Our Company was originally incorporated at New Delhi as “Terai Beej Private Limited” on 22nd June, 1983 under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 vide Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Registrar of Companies, Delhi & Haryana. Consequent, upon the conversion of our Company into public limited company, the name of our Company was changed to “Terai Beej Limited" and fresh certificate of incorporation dated 7th May, 1986 was issued by the Asstt. Registrar of Companies, Delhi & Haryana. Subsequently, the name of the Company was changed to “Continental Seeds and Chemicals Limited” vide Fresh Certificate of Incorporation dated 8th May, 1986 issued by Addl. Registrar of Companies, Delhi & Haryana.

In the year 1983, Capt. Vijay Neil Kumar and Mr. Abhey Yograj laid the foundation of our Company as a private limited Company in the name of M/s Terai Beej Private Limited and in December, 2011, Our Present Promoter i.e. Mr. Praveen Rastogi took the control of our Company from erstwhile promoters.

Our Company is engaged in the business of developing, processing, grading and supplying of all kind of agricultural foundation and certified seeds and trading of Mentha Oil. Our Company is engaged in the whole process of processing in varieties of seeds, foundation seed and processing of the same into certified seeds. Seed processing is a vital part of the seed production needed to move the improved genetic materials of the plant breeder into commercial channels for feeding the rapidly expanding world population. The farmer must get the quality seed that is free from all undesired materials because farmer’s entire crop depends on it.

Seed can seldom be planted in the condition in which it comes from the growers. In fact, many seed lots contain weed or crop seed or inert material that make them unfit for sale without processing. Crop seed also frequently have stems, awns, clusters or other structures, which prevent from flowing through the drill freely.

Our Company also obtains seed certification certificate from Uttarakhand State Seed and Organic Production Certification Agency from time to time for our products.

Our Company is having two units at:

  • Ram Raj Road, Bazpur, Distt. Udhamsingh Nagar, Uttrakhand -262401
  • Village- Rahiya, Opp. Roadways work shop on Kanpur Orai Highway, Orai, Distt. Jallaun, U.P.

R & D Facilities

The works are having well-equipped laboratory having modern technology machines in which day to day research and development activities are carried on to improve the quality of a product as well as for developing new products. Also, the company has experienced staff in quality and technical department.

Production Capacity

The total production capacity of the company is 7080 MT per annum. Also, the company is doing good business in trading of Mentha Oil and have impressive interference in the field having good relations with big suppliers as well as buyers.


The company is registered with Uttarakhand Seeds Certification agency and produce the best quality of improved seeds. The company is supplying certified seeds to the market and its branch is well known as “Third Eye” in the market of Bihar.

Financial Status

The company has a sound financial status which supports to the management to procure all the necessary items needed for the advancement of Plant/Laboratories and to increase the quality of the production.


The company has trained and qualified staff/technicians and experts who control entire task perfectly and there is no chance of any discrepancy in the system from Purchasing the Raw Material till Delivery of finished goods at final destination. The company has always fulfilled her commitments of supply well in time due to the devoted staff and workers. They are the guarantee of company’s success. Although the company has a Unit head to control entire working, however, Company’s directors directly look after the entire working of the company due to which there is no chance of any lapse or gap between the work and workers.