Our Business Process

Our Company is registered with Uttrakhand Seeds certification agency and having a total production capacity of the company is 7080 MT per annum at plant situated at Ram Raj Road, Bazpur, Distt. Udhamsingh Nagar, Uttrakhand -262401 at which our Company currently carry processing of seeds.

With a dedicated team of researchers, the company is conscious of the changing needs of farmers and consumers to design and develop productive hybrids that excel in a market and fetch rewarding returns. The focus centers round combined use of conventional breeding and biotechnology to shift the yield frontier and stabilize it through the incorporation of genetic resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. Encountering the challenges faced by the farmers is the business motto for our research innovation.

We obtain breeders from agricultural universities and deliver to farmers to produce foundation seeds. Farmers produce the foundation in the day to day supervision of our trained and qualified staff. During growth period of the plant, the trained staff watch carefully and remove small/bad plant which is called rouging. After reaching plant at a Grade2 stage, farmers return us the seeds in our store/plant.

Process flow operation enables processing of seed through suitable machines. Elevators are provided with bypassing arrangements to bypass certain machines if the use of any machine is not needed in a subsequent operation in particular seed lot.

Seed will be fed to the pre-cleaner by elevator (E1). This machine will remove large size undesired materials from the seed. The partially cleaned seed will be fed to the cleaner cum grader with elevator (E2). Here, the small undersized materials including undersized seeds will be separated on the basis of the size difference and weight difference.

The cleaned and sized seed will be fed to the indented cylinder by elevator (E3) whereby the broken and short seeds will be separated. The graded seed will be fed to the specific gravity separator by elevator (E4) for removing light seed. If it is not required then it will be bypassed. The processed seed will be packed, weighed and stitched with the help of weighing and stitching machine.