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 Botanical Source  CAS No  FEMA No  Origin
Mentha Arvensis 2216-51-5 2665  India
 Uses  In liqueurs, confectionery, perfumery, cigarettes, cough drops, nasal inhalers, pharmaceutical preparations, etc.
 Storage Condition Store in well closed containers, in cool and dry storage area. Temp 25°C, RH-61
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S. No. Protocol Standards
01 Description Colourless, hexagonal or needle-like crystals Prismatic or acicular, shiny  colorless crystals.
02 Identification
  1. The retention time of the major peak of the sample solution corresponds to that of the Menthol peak of the standard solution as obtained in the assay
  2. It meets the requirements in specific tests for optical rotation,specific rotation
03 Solubility Soluble in Ethanol and ether and very slightly soluble in water
04 Melting Point 41⁰ C to 44⁰C
05 Optical Rotation (°) -45.0⁰ to -51.0⁰
06 Non Volatile Matter NMT 0.05%
07 Related Substance Individual Impurities : NMT0.30%

Total Impurities         :  NMT 2.0%

08 Purity by GC NLT 98.00% to 102%
09 Residual Solvent Nil
10 Packing 25 kgs net in polylinedfibre drums

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